Barnes Capital Management
Investing in job creation and in our community



Job Creation. New product development. New technology and services. Being a partner in the community. These are the principle reasons why Barnes Capital Management was formed. We are a family office and will often coinvest with other funds and family offices.

Our expertise spans 30 plus years of managing companies, investing in companies and working with experienced management teams. Our management has invested in more than 70 companies as a limited partner with other investors, as a silent partner, or through active management, utilizing equity and/or debt financing.

Investments made over the last 20 years, include, but are not limited to:

  • automated cellphone application regression testing
  • securitized & ruggedized mass storage systems
  • workforce optimization software
  • productivity applications for the enterprise data center
  • server and storage systems accelerator solutions
  • automatic semiconductor test solutions for memory and SOC devices
  • embedded systems testing software
  • water purification technology direct at third world countries
  • food and beverage companies
  • commercial real estate development companies
  • medical devices technologies
  • HIV protaze inhibitors 
  • Diabetes treatments from stem cells
  • chemoprevention cancer drug therapies
  • surgical sealants
  • medical records technology software
  • biological matrices which direct the regeneration of bone and cartilage
  • wound healing applications
  • liver hemodialyzers
  • advanced technical ceramics
  • healthcare payment plans
  • oil and natural gas exploration technology
  • laser products 
  • real estate construction loans
  • distressed commercial and residential real estate
    and the list goes on.

Many of the companies we have invested in have been acquired and some have accessed the capital markets through IPOs. 

We generally invest in companies that are at the revenue stage and which are looking for capital to finance the next phase of growth. We will also invest in companies that are asset rich but cash poor in circumstances where the assets can be converted to cash within a reasonable time horizon.

We are privately held. We are passive investors. We do not rely on nor do we solicite investors outside our family.